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MISTRESS is an online journal of poetry and short fiction.

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Erin Moon White is an artist, performer, and writer from the suburbs of Detroit. She has also lived in Seattle and Brooklyn. Her current habitat—with husband and two cats—is in lovely Jamaica Plain, MA. Recent short fiction can be found at Blunderbuss Magazine. She holds an MFA from Columbia University.

Ashley Miranda is a latinx poet. She's been published in the Denver Quarterly, Lockjaw Mag, and other publications. She enjoys poetry that pushes against the standard expectations of language and identity, poetry that lives in/outside/despite the status quo. You can find out more about her at agirlaloof.com


The collage featured on our website was created by Sugar Smallhouse. More of their art can be found on Instagram @sugarsmallhouse.


Rachel Statham is a librarian and poet. She has little to no credentials.


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