Collage The Handmaid's Tale by Samantha Derendal

Erin Moon White

Something to Cry About

My sleep therapist recommends restructuring dreams

So that the outcomes don’t

Come out. My husband doesn’t leave me

For a woman who supports his athletic pursuits;

There is no skinned gorilla

Washed ashore outside our dreamhome.

Real or un-, hideous thoughts at times

Prevail in me. I saved the keys to our torn-down

Building to give me something to cry about.

I went there one night and

the walls were all over the floor.

I sat in the dusty bathtub, going,

Oh Daddy, Daddy,

I’m too old and no longer pretty enough

To be acting this way.

The moon in black sky—

I felt it

Tucking the tide over my child body.


Erin Moon White is an artist, performer, and writer from the suburbs of Detroit. She has also lived in Seattle and Brooklyn. Her current habitat—with husband and two cats—is in lovely Jamaica Plain, MA. Recent short fiction can be found at Blunderbuss Magazine.