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Word Cookies Exploit

Word Cookies Exploit

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This is the 1st in a collection of 30 daysly Q&A vids, which commonly I’ll be releasing exclusively to the or over assistanceers on Patreon. I figured I might release the 1st one to the common public simply to have the word out.

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HTTP requests are traditionally viewed as isolated, stayalone entities. In this particular session, I’ll introduce techniques with regard to remote, unauthenticated assaulters to smash via this particular isolation and splice their requests in to variouss, via which commonly I was capable to perform puppeteer with the web infrastructure of numerous industrial and military systems, rain tricks on their visitors, and harvest over k in bug bounties.

Using these types of targets as scenario studies, I’ll display a person how to delicately amend sufferer’s requests to route all of them in to malicious territory, invoke harmful reactions, and lure credentials in to a personr open up arms. I’ll furthermore demonstrate using back againend reassembly on a personr individual requests to trick every modicum of trust placed on the front partend, acquire maximum privilege access to internal APIs, poison web caches, and compromise the favourite login page.

Although documented over a decade back again, a fearsome reputation with regard to difficulty and collateral damage has staying this particular assault optimistically ignored with regard to 12 monthss whilst the web’s susceptibility grew. By useing fresh ideas and brand new techniques, I’ll unveil a vast expanse of vulnerable systems ranging from massive content delivery systems to bespoke back againends, and ensure a person leave equipped to devise a personr individual desync techniques and tailor assaults to a personr target of choice.

James Kettle is Head of Research at PortSwigger Web Security, where he designs and refines vulnerability detection techniques with regard to Burp Suite’s scanner. Recent function has concentrateed on using web cache poisoning to turn caches in to trick delivery systems. James has extensive experience cultivating novel assault techniques, including server-side RCE via Template Injection, client-side RCE via malicious with regard tomulas in CSV exports, and abusing the HTTP Host header to poison password reset emails and server-side caches. He has spoken at numerous prestigious venues including every BlackHat USA and EU, and OWASP AppSec USA and EU.

Twitter: @albinowax

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